Welcome to the whole new world of Fruit-Full. In the latest version there are many amazing updates to make your gaming and learning experience more, well, Fruit-Full.

Join Tru-Cape as you learn all about fruit farming in the South African Cape. Grow your orchards, harvest your fruit and move through the various processes that ensure quality fruit ready to eat.

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Other Games

In Fruit-Match, you will have loads of casual fun matching up apples and pears in groups of three’s. See how many you can match up, aiming to achieve the highest score, in the shortest possible time. This is Tru-Cape’s latest mobile game, following Fruit-Full and Tru-Sort, and will provide loads of casual, relaxing, and engaging fun for the whole family.

Tru-Sort is a fun hyper-casual game that will provide hours of fun as you work with Tru-Cape and Natures Helpers to make sure that only the best fruit makes it from our packhouse to your local shop. How many fruits can you sort to make it into the Top 10? A game of fun, focus & fruit to test you as you sort your way to the top.

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